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With over 10 years experince in the Cosmetic world, the LKW Medical Group focus on providing the best equipment, brands, and cosmetic aesthetic medical services.  We establish partnerships with the best the UK has to offer.

In 2019 LKW Medical became the LKW Medical Group of companies, integrating Atavarnis Ltd, Hyalual UK Distribution Ltd, and offering training through the Institute of Cosmetic Medical Training.  LKW Medical remains an entity in its own right and through which we partner with 2 clinics, Mulberrys of Beaconsfield and Suzzanah Nicolas of Princes Risborough. 

At the LKW Medical Group we understand that quality, safety and expertise come hand in hand and is what every potential client or business is seeking.  We are confident that your journey with LKW Medical will be a stress free, engaging, and wonderful experience. 

All our doctors are registered with the GMC (General Medical Council) and have been specifically trained to deliver the treatments, or training we offer (see Anti-Ageing Treatments on the tab above) .

Our non-clinical staff are highly trained and can answer most questions;  if you need to speak to a specalist just ask.

Institute of Cosmetical Medical Training
Providers of cosmetic training to aesthetic practitioners
The LKW Medical Group are now official distributors of Hyalual Products in the UK
LKW Medical Group has now taken over world-wide distribution of
ATAVARNIS Single Use Sterile Kits for Aesthetic Cosmetic Medical use:
To buy these kits and cosmetic consumables go to:



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