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At the LKW Medical Group we understand that quality, safety, and expertise come hand in hand and is what every potential client or business is seeking.   We are confident that your journey with LKW Medical Group will be a stress free, engaging, and wonderful experience. 

Please click on our brands below:

Urban Escape Marlow



Hyalual Xela Rederm

Partners / Brands We Support and Use

LKW Medical Mulberrys
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Atavarnis are the leading company, along with our technology partner, in the manufacture and distribution of Single-use sterile kits for cosmetic aesthetic medicine. 


They supply procedure packs specifically designed for cosmetic medical practice.  

Atavarnis kits ensure your clients are safe and remain safe for the duration of the procedure.  Atavarnis also provide single use PRP kits for the cosmetic aesthetic delivery of Platelet Rich Plasma; these kits are the most comprehensive on the market and contain all the equipment you need to perform a PRP treatment (excluding the centrifuge) 

To purchase these high quality EO sterilized kits, and other essential clinic consumables visit:




The latest acquisition to the LKW Medical Group.

4 ground breaking products:

CosmetiClean: Acne Care and Prevention

CosmetiClean: Clinic Safe

CosmetiClean PPA 

Prepare, Procedure and Aftercare

CosmetiClean Stud Master

Piercing Solution Aftercare

Cosmetic Procedures

We operate through "Partner Clinics" who have been specifically chosen for outstanding quality and service.



Our Partner Clinic are located at:

Mulberrys of Beaconsfield

38 London End Road




Suzannah Nicholas Health and Beauty

2-3 Church Street

Princes Risborough


HP27 9AA

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