LKW Medical

LKW Medical was establised in 2009 becoming a limited company in 2016.   We focus on providing the best equipment, brands, and cosmetic aesthetic medical services. 
At LKW Medical we understand that, quality, safety and expertise come hand in hand and is what every potential client is seeking.  We are confident that your journey with LKW Medical will be a stress free, engaging and wonderful experience. 
All our doctors are registered with the GMC (General Medical Council)  and have been specifically trained to delivery the treatment we offer (see Anti Ageing Treatments on the tab above) 
Our fully inclusive price list means the price you see is the price you pay with absolutley no added extras.
Follow up appointments are free; consultations are free.   We only charge for the procedure and only after you have agreed the costs in advanced;  all of our pricing is completely transparent.  
LKW Medical has recently agreed to partner with ATAVARNIS Single Use Sterile Kits for Aesthetic Cosmetic Medical use:


LKW Medical is now using Texoane Dermal Fillers:

Atavarnis texoane.png
LKW Medical is now using Bocouture Botulinum Toxin:

atavarnis bocouture.jpg
Other Brands we use
Atavarnis Botox Juvederm.jpg

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