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The latest edition to the LKW Medical Group of Companies and Brands.

LKW Medical Group is the leading finance partner behind the revolutionary brand CosmetiClean. 


CosmetiClean works together with the cosmetic industry, along with their technology partner to provide the best quality products for skin cleansing, prior to, during and after cosmetic procedures; in particular botox, filler, profhilo, facials, and the non-surgical butt lift.  This new product is called:  CosmetiClean PPA:  Prepare, Procedure and Aftercare.

They have also brought to market CosmetiClean:  Clinic Safe to ensure your clinic is clean and safe to carry out procedures.  All of these products are alcohol free and paraben free. 

In addition, CosmetiClean also have a much anticipated cleansing product which helps manage and control Acne.  

Acne Care and Protection

​These products are rigorusly tested and are high quality


Our products contain a stable hypochlorus solution which hypoallergenic, non-sensitizing, and pH neutral.

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